Siem Reap Metropolis

siem reap metropolis central area

Siem Reap Metropolis

The metropolis is a mixed-use property development project that would require a total construction time of 5 years, following which the 3 main functions of the metropolis would be as follows:

Alternate Attractions: The key attraction of the project would be an indoor heritage theme park. Tapping on the rich local heritage and transforming it into a dazzling physical experience for the tourists, we aim to build and operate a “universal studios” based on the history of the ancient Khmer Empire.

Residences: There is a large focus on residences in the form of high rise condominiums and service apartments, specially catering to the local foreign workers who wish to own a home here, as well as overseas expatriates and businessmen who would take this as a business stop. We also hope to bring in more foreign spending power to the city in the form of foreign property buyers and investors.

Retail Facilities: The third focal point of the metropolis project would be the installation of a full spectrum of shopping facilities to cater to the entry of international brands, as well as support the spending of the resident population of the city.

The Siem Reap Metropolis project is well backed with funds and sales channels to see to the completion and population of this project. The current economic stability and environment provides the underlying foundations for the smooth implementation of the project over the next 5 years.

Upon the project’s completion, we believe the achievement of desired objectives such as economic boosts and a better social and cultural environment would be almost a natural occurrence. With professional expertise to guard the implementation process, we believe the project will help bring the development of this city to a whole new paradigm.